GT Private Detective Agency, LLC.


Instructions to Complete and Submit Employment Application for GT Detective Agency.


1. Download the Application by ‘Clicking’ on the button “Click Here To Download Application”.
This will allow you to save the Application to your computer. Copy or Write down the location where the file is saved.

2. Go to the location where the Application was saved and Open the Application with a PDF reader
such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF Reader, if a PDF Reader is not installed on your
computer you can download a Free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader by going to or
Google Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

3. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer if it’s not already installed

4. Fill in the requested information, and use the following format to save your completed application
For Example: GT_App_JohnBrown_Dec10_2022.pdf

5. After saving your completed application,

  • a. Enter your first and last name in the name text box

  • b. Enter your Email Address in the email text box

6. ‘Click’ on the “Browse” button, go to the location where you saved your completed application
‘Double Click’ the completed application file, it will be uploaded and attached to the webPage.

7. You should now see the attached file

8. ‘Click’ the “Submit” button

9. Your Application will be submitted to GT Detective Agency personnel for review.