GT Private Detective Agency, LLC.


Security Guard (Job Description)

Purpose of Classification:

Maintains security and safety of people and property to assigned to corporations, small businesses individuals and
the general public as deemed appropriate or authorized within city, state and/or federal rules and regulations.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

The Security Guard has formalized responsibilities to the appropriate client(s) and is expected to report unusual or
suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities for follow-up. Incumbents may be required to maintain flexible work
schedules in order to accommodate weekend or evening shifts at various locations.

Duties may include but are not limited to:

    • Patrols assigned areas on foot, checking for fires, vandalism, suspicious activity or persons or safety/fire hazards.
    • Investigates and/or reports hazards, unusual or suspicious circumstances to a police unit for correction or follow- up
      actions; maintains contact with police and/or other security personnel.
    • Checks doors and windows of buildings to ensure they are tightly closed and locked; notes in written log any
      unlocked doors/windows; maintains logs.
    • Observes activity and directs traffic in assigned area to enforce rules/regulations; alerts visitors of infractions.
    • Assists any persons in building or on grounds needing directions or information where feasible.
    • Escorts people/property to desired destination when monies, documents or safety of property or persons are a
    • Responds to alarms and dispatched calls; decides what actions to take based on situation, facts known and position
    • Decides when incident requires written report; decides which report form to use and maintains logs.
    • Unlocks buildings/doors after checking identification and compliance with policies.
    • May assist law enforcement officers with crowd control and surveillance at large public events.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    • Knowledge of basic security and fire inspection procedures.
    • Skill in both verbal and written communication.
    • Skill in observing situations and decision making.
    • Skill in dealing courteously with public.
    • Ability to conduct independent investigations.
    • Report Writing.


Minimum Qualifications:

One year experience in police or security field; OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education
ranging from a formal college education (Associate, Bachelor, Master's Degree) or above to a career in law
enforcement, corrections or private industry from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been
achieved. Possession of current WI Type D driver's license and WI issued private detective license upon employment
may be required for specified positions.